With your generous support we can get a Plasma CAM Table and start designing and cutting amazing things such as signs, furniture, automotive parts, incredible custom art, and personalized items.

The Make Nashville metal shop is open to the public.  All walks of life are welcome here from hobbyists to seasoned veterans.  We want to help you reach your goals.  

Whether it's the person selling jewelry on the side to the person who wants to learn to weld to advance in their career we teach basic shop techniques and skills.  

Your support will help us MAKE a CNC plasma CAM table.  With that, we can digitally design amazing things using CAD software and then send them to the CAM to cut the shapes out of up to 3/4" steel or other metals.  Imagine designing a spaceship clubhouse for your kid and then having all the parts cut for you.  Or being able to cut exhaust flange gaskets for your exhaust manifold.  Or even vanes for a wind turbine.  The possibilities are practically endless.

Contributing to this project is a gift that keeps on giving because the Plasma CAM table will also be an ongoing source of revenue for the makerspace, allowing us to attract new members, teach new skills, and create new amazing things.

If we raise more that $7,000 we will use the extra funds to buy a manual lathe for machining classes.