MAKE NASHVILLE, as a volunteer-run co-op, has always depended on equipment donations and loans for our shops. Sometimes, this means a large number of tools can be from one person, and if that person leaves, their tools leave with them... which is exactly what happened. We are taking this opportunity to rebuild our wood shop better than it was before -- with bigger tools, more capabilities, and -- most importantly -- everything is owned fair and square so nobody can take it.
In order to reach this goal, we need to raise the funds to buy:
  • 15" planer
  • 20" drum sander
  • A legit workbench (with expensive vises)
  • Multiple small tools and supplies
We have already raised funds to buy a new dust collector and band saw. If we reach our fundraising goal, we hope to be one step closer to realizing our final goal: a fully furnished wood shop that our members can use to take in raw lumber and produce beautiful finished pieces.